It’s getting warmer everyday. I’m ready for spring!

My Tattoos & My Story

I took this tattoo in 2009 in Australia on the left side of my rib to symbolize friendship. 

I took this tattoo at the same time with the key tattoo in Australia on the right side of my rib to symbolize family.
This Coco Chanel tattoo was taken in 2010 in Australia. I got inspired by the 3D fake tattoos of Chanel. This tattoo obviously symbolizes my passion for fashion, but also since I’m not a luxury brand lover and my style is completely the opposite, it creates a cool contrast.

After Australia we traveled to Bali, Indonesia and I was stunned of all the beautiful dreamcatchers they had in all the small shops around. I took this tattoo in Helsinki in the beginning of 2011.

On the summer 2011 in Helsinki I took this cheetah baby to my left arm. It symbolizes my love for animals, purity, nature, fearlessness, youth and vulnerability.

I took this bunny in 2012 in Barcelona to my left arm as well. Me and my little sister had a lot of bunnies when we were kids so it has a lot to do with my childhood.

This is my newest one and I took it a couple of weeks ago here in Barcelona. It also has the animal theme as a couple of mine already have. The woman is strong and independent, and definitely knows who she is and what she wants.



My mom’s tattoos. Two on the leg and one on the arm.
My family is here in Barcelona and I’m spending as much time with them as possible.