Who is Stylegenda?

I am a restless clothing lover in my early twenties, who’s always seeking something new and innovative. I get bored easily, which is why I love change. I use clothing as a way of self-expression, and that’s why it means much more than only fashion and trends to me. Music, life philosophies and values are the core aspects when I think of how I want to look, in a harmony with seasonal trends.

I was blessed to be born and grow up in a small town in the Western Finland, which made me who I am today. In a smaller town like that I was forced to use my imagination when it came to clothing. We didn’t have many shopping options at the time I lived there. And I’m glad we didn’t, because it made me fall in love with flea markets and vintage apparel.

Obviously, I didn’t know all the things about fast fashion I know today, and economy indeed makes us consume badly. Actually, I kind of despise fast fashion chains that copy high-end designers and receive new collections in every two weeks. Being ethical at the same time is quite unrealistic as are the bargains. Often the victims are the factory workers who pay the price sacrificing their well-being, or even lives.

I strive to support sustainable and good quality clothing. That’s why I enjoy shopping at second hand shops, vintage boutiques and other smaller concept stores or brands. This is not only responsible consuming, but a way of finding unique pieces to create an individual style. I’m not saying I’m a perfect consumer, but I’m trying to be as responsible as I possibly can and will focus on that even more in the future. I know economy will not force consumers to make unethical purchases one day.

I hope to raise awareness of these issues and inspire my readers to follow similar behavior when it comes to consuming fashion.

Why did I change my blog name from Fashion Hegemony to Stylegenda then? Because I love change. I also think my blog is more about style than fashion.

Contact: taru@stylegenda.com

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